Chopsticks can be dangerous especially for a toddler. A couple of parents learnt it the hard way when their 14-month son Li Jingchao got it stuck up his nose when he fell over while playing at home in eastern Shandong in Eastern China. His mom,  Zhao Guilu, was in the kitchen when the incident happened.

Doctors successfully remove chopstick stuck up a toddler's nose into his brain


 Zhao Guilu said: ‘I rushed in and saw him lying on the ground. He couldn’t stop crying and I noticed a chopstick stuck in his nose.’

The family took the little boy to a nearby surgery for medical attention, but doctors there feared pulling the eating utensil out would cause mortal damage.

Instead, a relative offered to drive Li Jingchao, Zhao Guilu and father Li Guanglai 930 miles to the Boai Hospital in Beijing, a medical facility renowned for its treatment of head injuries.

Li Guanglai said he could barely contain himself during the drive, adding: ‘I thought at that time, it is all over, my boy will die.

‘During the 10 hours of driving, I felt depressed, I could barely breathe. I looked at my boy and his right side was numb, he was paralysed.’


The doctors rushed him to the operating theater and dislodged the chopstick successfully.


Doctor Sun Wei explained to CNN: ‘It touched upon the deep area of his brain, four centimeters of the chopstick was inside his skull. The position of the chopstick was very, very lucky for him.’

Father Li Guanglai added: ‘I never thought it would be this successful. This hospital gave him a second life.’


Next couple of days are critical for the toddler, since there is a possibility of an infection and there are chances that he might develop epilepsy.

Best of the luck to the toddler and his family!