After years of speculation, Google has finally jumped into the Energy market via Google Energy LLC.  Hoping to not only cut costs on its massive energy use, but also to become carbon neutral.

It has been years since Google began ‘talking’ about the inefficient energy practices and the fact that Wind Power was the way of the future.  Even at that time many speculated that Google would soon create an energy company to compete on a pseudo global scale.  While it doesn’t look like Google is planning to sell its energy at this time, this is a step in the right direction.

More from Slashdot:

Google consumes massive amounts of electrical energy to power its data centers across the country and world. Now it has created a subsidiary, Google Energy LLC, and applied (pdf) to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to become a utility-scale energy trader. Google’s stated aim is to be able to purchase renewable energy directly from producers at bulk rates, pursuing its goal of becoming carbon neutral. It is likely that Google Energy would also permit Google’s own renewable energy projects to sell their energy at more favorable rates. Google reportedly does not have plans to actively become an energy broker, a la Enron.