Do you hate the way a Crab looks? Do you love the way strawberries look and like the taste of a crab? Marine biologist professor Ho Ping-ho, of National Taiwan Ocean University has the discovery just for you.

He found a species of crab that looks like a strawberry. He found the two female of the species while carrying out research on the environmental impact from a shipwreck last year on the beaches of southern Kenting National Park. Unfortunately one was dead and the other was dying due to the oil spill due to the shipwreck.

Strawberry Like Crab


“One was dead while the other was dying when they were found on a beach of Chialoshui,” Ho told AFP, referring to a scenic coastal village in the national park.

The two female crabs, with the bigger one measuring 2.5 centimetres (one inch) in size, have been made into specimens.

“Luckily the oil leak from the shipwreck was not serious, otherwise the two crabs might have been polluted and escaped our eyes,” Ho said.



Strawberry Like Crab's mouth

Taiwanese crab specialist Wang Chia-hsiang has confirmed Ho’s fruitful finding. There are similar crabs found in other areas too.