I was a bit surprised to hear that Google’s Chrome had so quickly edged past Apple’s Safari in the web market, especially considering Apple’s cult like following in the PC front, and the iPhone’s usage of Safari (not sure if this is included in these statistics).

Google’s internet browser, Chrome, is now more popular than Apple’s Safari, according to data collected in December 2009. The search giant’s browser, launched in September 2008, was used by 4.63 per cent of web users, compared to Apple’s market share of 4.46 per cent. Nearly two-thirds of all web browsers, however, are versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (62.69 per cent), according to online services firm Net Applications. Mozilla Firefox was in second place on 24.61 per cent, distantly followed by Google. Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Techtree has an interesting graphic showing Chrome’s progress verses Safari:

Chrome vs Safari

Chrome’s speed is likely a major factor in its popularity, but we must not forget that Google too has gathered a cult like following.

It should be no surprise that Internet Explorer still dominates the market with over 62% of the market, followed by Firefox with over 24%.

Browser Usage December 2009

Courtesy of cnet

With Microsoft so dominating the browser market these days, it almost seems laughable paying attention to Chrome’s surpassing of Safari.  However, this is only the beginning.  If Google does in fact release its Netbook on the Chrome OS , Firefox will likely be its next victim.