A woman has stunned the medical community by achieving a rare medical marvel – falling pregnant while already pregnant. Julia Grovenburg and her husband Todd were shocked to learn she would be giving birth to two babies, but not twins.

The second baby was conceived 2.5 weeks after the first one.

Todd and Julia Grovenburg - Double pregnancy but not twins

“We went back June 4th to do our ultrasound and that was a shocking, absolutely shocking experience,” Julia Grovenburg said.

Shocking because, the baby they saw was 11 weeks old. Julia was convinced that she was only eight and a half weeks along.

“I turned around and i looked at him [Todd], and I said well at least we know we’re not having twins!”

Then came the baby bombshell.

“About 2 or 3 minutes later she said and baby #2 has got a healthy little heartbeat, and I just started gagging,” Julia said. “I mean, I was getting sick.” “Both in shock,” Todd agreed. “He’s laughing,” Julia added.



Does this mean that you need to still have safe sex while you are pregnant? Maybe not, read below –

Julia’s obstetrician, Dr. Michel Maylaert, says that UAMS confirmed the suspicion of superfetation. Read his statement below:

18 September 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Mrs. Julia Grovenburg is pregnant with twins and there appears to be a discordant growth pattern, possibly due to superfetation. This is an unusual and rare condition, but the possibility is real. It can only be confirmed after delivery by chromosomal and metabolic studies on the babies. She was evaluated at UAMS in Little Rock for this condition and they confirmed the suspicion of superfetation.

Sincerely, M. Maylaert, M.D.