Cara Ovis, 21-year old fitness newcomer from Albuquerque (New Mexico), became one of the youngst competitions to win the Ms Bikini America litle at the 2011 Fitness America Championship help in Las Vegas on November 20th 2011.



Fitness America ( features fitness competitors from around the world in several different classes of muscle development. Ms. Ovis burst onto the fitness scene earlier this year by winning the 2011 Model New Mexico competition at the Hard Rock Casino Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was a finalist at the Model Universe competition in Miami in June, and placed second in the 2011 Model America Championships.

Ms. Ovis has had a long hard road to fitness success. In high school she was often bullied for being overweight. At one point she weighed over 160 pounds. With the encouragement of her friends and family, she joined a gym, got her diet under control and started to live a healthy lifestyle. She hired well known fitness coach Mike Donathan (Defined Fitness, Albuquerque) and started collaborating with 2009 Fitness America winner Cristin Kiburz of CK Iron ( The team approach has helped her rise to the top of the fitness industry.

“It’s truly surreal what a journey I’ve been on during the past year. I have taught myself that through hard work and determination anything is possible. Fitness has completely transformed my body and given me a quality of life I didn’t think was possible.



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