There is something about Pornstars and Playboy models wanting to own a pro-football (in US, pro-soccer) clubs. Among the most recent attempts of ownership, Klarisa Leone, a Czech Republic-born 32-year old pornstar, is planning to give a stiff competition in a male dominated soccer, by starting her own with her own pro soccer club. She plans to name it – “Inter Prague”, after her favourite Italian team in Milan – “Inter Milan”.


“I’ve loved my career in porn but I’ve always dreamed of owning a football club and that would give me an even bigger buzz,” said Klaria, 32.

“I’m sure my porn fans will be just as keen on my team. There are lots of women in football these days,” she added.



There are Playboy models who plan to own or already own a club.

In Britain, Sheffield Wednesday are said to be the target for a buy out by Playboy model Sybil Danning and another former model Isabella Lukomska-Pyzalska runs a club in Poland.

“There are few people in the world as used to handling footballers as porn stars and models and they certainly know all about a soccer strip so she should do very well,” said one fan. Source:


For now, check out pictures of these women trying to be soccer bosses –

Isabella Lukomska-Pyzalska

Sybil Danning

Klarisa Leone

Not sure about the trend, but makes me wonder if Jenna Jameson or Pamela Anderson would be next?

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