If you are a regular internet consumer or even if you are being online periodically, chances that you heard about online gambling or betting are high. But did you ever wonder how everything in internet gambling works, or how are gamblers being protected? Did you want to try it maybe but didn’t know how to start? Well, you are lucky because we are going to explain some of amazing benefits you get when you are gambling online. Friendly advice thou, don’t waste your whole salary on online gambling after reading this article.


            People are lazy


Let’s be honest. Nobody on this world would choose job over some exotic beach in Greece and hot girls serving cold and refreshing drinks while you are chilling, napping or just lying there and doing nothing.  And honestly, that’s completely normal, people like to enjoy life and do everything in an easier way. So back to online gambling, let me ask you something. If you could bet while taking a bath or laying in your bed, would you choose that, or would you actually prefer to get up, dress up, take an umbrella if you are from England and then walk to the gambling center? I already know your answer. This is why online betting wins over normal betting. It’s just simpler and easier.




I know what you are thinking right now. You’ve read “Security” and you are already thinking about hacker right? That’s ok, hackers are everywhere, same as burglars are everywhere on the streets as well. People love to feel safe and they love to keep their money safe as well. So comparing online gambling security with normal gambling security is kind of hard if you don’t know how everything works. Let’s start with normal gambling. You get up, and go to gambling center. There are so many things that happen on the way to cause you to lose your money, like forgetting a wallet, dropping it on the street while in rush, being robbed, getting hit by a car and other silly things you wouldn’t think of now. As for online gambling, all that can happen is that you can be hacked. Well, you won’t. First of all, when you register to online gambling website, your registration information and billing information are being secure by SQL connection. It’s secured connection which will keep your personal data safe. You can read more about SQL online in case you want to feel safer, but there is no way for you to be exploited and robbed through SQL connection. Also, online companies hire professional hackers, so called penetration testers to try and break their security system so that company can fix their security leaks. So you should definitely relax and never worry about paying online, especially when you are paying with PayPal, where you can actually get refund if you were robbed or scammed online.




Yes, you heard it right! You can bet online even from your smartphone. Major online gambling companies even have their own apps. You can play roulette, bet on racing dogs, football matches, everything you want! You can even bet live. Imagine scenario in which you are watching and cheering for your favorite soccer team, on their home stadium, between 80 000 people and you can still take out your smartphone and place a bet online. It’s awesome isn’t it? It must be mentioned that newer devices have fingerprint sensors and that paying online requires your finger to approve it. How’s that for security?




This reason is pretty obvious but we will mention it anyways. Online betting software usually contain statistics for every bet you place, even before you place it. It can help you inform yourself about everything you want to know. Let’s say for example that two tennis players are about to start a match and you want to bet on one of them but you don’t know that much about tennis. You can see inside betting software how many times those players faced each other, what was score when they played, where did they play , how many hours they played and so many more statistics that could help you decide on which player you should bet. Also, there are live statistics during match, in case you are unable to watch match for some reason.


            Speed and simplicity



This is my favorite reason when it comes to online betting software and betting companies. Usually when you visit gambling center, you need to place bet 30 minutes before it starts. When you are doing it online, you are not limited by this silly restriction. You can place bet whenever you want, even during match. It’s also pretty simple and fast to bet, you click, touch, depends what device you are using, on favorite team and you are all done. You placed a bet and you paid already. Not to mention that sweet feeling when you win your bet and you just open betting software, login your account and click on “Withdraw” to pick up your money. You will get your money on your PayPal or bank account in a second. Simple as that.