What an amazing game.  Not only am I a huge Giants fan, but I despise the Cowboys … this made my night.  Watching the Cowboys get crushed in their new stadium just adds more flavor to the punch.

Nine months after they closed Texas Stadium with a thud, the Cowboys fell flat again in a landmark game, losing the regular-season home opener at Cowboys Stadium to the New York Giants in dramatic fashion Sunday night before a record crowd of 105,121.

Source: www.chron.com

Just to show what kind of good sports Cowboys fans are, they made sure to keep calm and sober after the game.  Well, at least they remained calm …


As of 7 a.m. Monday, 41 people were sobering up in the Arlington jail after they were arrested during and after the 33-31 defeat of the Cowboys at the hands of the New York Giants.

There might have been more people arrested at the game, but the exact number was unclear Monday morning. That’s because some people may have bonded out of jail between game start and 6 a.m. Monday

Source: www.star-telegram.com


Ah, the bible states.  Jesus was an alcoholic too, wasn’t he?  Didn’t he turn water into wine to have a party or something?