Yesterday, at the Yankees Stadium,a fight broke out between New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays in the 8th innings.The fight started when Jorge Posada scored and brushed Jays reliever Jesse Carlson, which umpire Jim Joyce later called “a cheap shot


“When you’ve got two outs and one of the best hitters on your team’s up, and he gets drilled square in the back, it doesn’t look good,” Blue Jays catcher Rod Barajas said. “I’m not saying they did it on purpose, if there was any intent. But obviously, you see that happen and it kind of makes you wonder.”

Carlson communicated that message to Posada when he came to bat in the eighth, unleashing a pitch behind his back that took one hop and bounced to the backstop. Posada yelled at Carlson and took a step or two in his direction.

The benches cleared and the bullpens emptied, but nothing came of it besides a warning from Joyce. Posada walked, and when he came around to score, he elbowed Carlson as Carlson stood off to the side of the plate, seemingly backing up the play.

“As he ran past Carlson, he gave him a little shove with his elbow,” Joyce said. “It was very unsportsmanlike. The pitcher wasn’t looking for anything like that and he ran past him, didn’t say anything and just gave him a shove with his elbow. It was very unsportsmanlike. It was cheap shot.”Source:


Yankees–Blue Jays Brawl

Thanks for the entertainment for an otherwise very unforgetable game!