Women’s World Cup Soccer is about to start and everybody is getting ready for the event. Five players from Germany’s national team is doing more with their time – they participated in a sexy photo shoot for Playboy to show that football is a beautiful game. The players include — Annika Doppler (Bayern Munich), Kristina Gessat (FSV Gutersloh), Ivana Rudelic (Bayern), Julia Simic (Bayern) and Selina Wagner (Wolfsburg).


“With these photos, we want to disprove the cliché that all female footballers are butch,” Germany midfielder Kristina Gessat told the magazine.

“The message is: look, we are very normal – and lovely – girls!”

Despite dominating women’s football for years, German players have persistently been dogged by doughty tomboy stereotypes.

But that may all be changing as Germany prepares to host this summer’s World Cup, said midfielder Julia Simic.

“I think we are well on our way to getting rid of that image,” she told Playboy. “More and more sweet, pretty girls are playing football who also go shopping and place value on their appearance.”Source: www.thelocal.de


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So, isn’t soccer beautiful?