The Seattle Seahawks, a few seasons removed from a Super Bowl victory will be looking to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy once again as the Legion of Boom can stop any offense in their tracks.


A Post Season Squad


Currently, NFL odds have the Seahawks set as the 2nd highest betting favorite to win it all, but their betting win total is listed at 10 ½ wins which appears a bit low. This win total is somewhat fitting as Seattle is a big game team. They’re not about winning 15 games in the regular season. They’re more of a team that’s apt to win when it counts in the playoffs. Let’s take a deeper look at this intimidating crew.


No More Skittles


That means no more Marshawn Lynch on this squad. Instead, quarterback Russell Wilson will either be running the football himself, passing the football, or handing the pigskin off to the combination of Thomas Rawls (840 yards, 4 TD) and Fred Jackson. To me, this is an upgrade as Rawls averaged 5.6 yards per carry and had much fresher legs than Lynch. Expect a huge 1000 yard plus season out of Rawls.


Jimmy Graham


This is simply a case of the wrong player on the wrong team as Graham was a disaster last season. Graham was used to the drop back passing of Drew Brees and Graham was the recipient of a lot of Brees’ passes. Russell Wilson is more of a running quarterback. There’s times where he’ll look for the open man such as Doug Baldwin (1069 yards, 14 TD) and other times where Wilson will use his speed.


In order for Wilson to stay healthy, he must incorporate Graham into the offense more and I think that he will.


Seattle has drafted a couple of offensive lineman early in the draft to ensure that Wilson remains healthy. For all of the flack that Wilson get’s, he still managed to have a 4000 yard season throwing the ball. Wilson is more of an athlete than a pure QB, but that’s still good enough to win a Super Bowl.


Kam Chancellor


The Legion of Boom is a defensive unit that prevents opposing receivers from catching the football and punishing the receiver at the same time. Make no mistake about it, 6 foot 3, 230 pound, Cam Chancellor is the heart of the unit. When Chancellor held out early in the season last year, Seattle was a losing team. The moment that Chancellor came back into the mix, the Seahawks team started to go on a run.


Bottom line: Cam Chancellor is the most important and most talented player on Seattle’s defense. Statistics aren’t telling with Chancellor as K.J Wright and Bobby Wagner led the Seahawks in tackles. Expect Chancellor to suit up for game number 1 and be a nuisance to the opposing offenses.


Getting back to the win total, 10 ½ is right on point as Seattle should have 10 or 11 wins. I’m going to say to take the over as this team is hungry.

Pick- Seattle Seahawks Over 10 ½ wins -150 at Bovada