According to a recent report by Car Magazine, Bentley will enter the 2013 Dakar Rally to promote its upcoming crossover.

The report says that Bentley will be buying back VW’s Race Touaregs, previously sold to private racing teams, and will update the SUV racers into modified versions of the EXP 9 F concept in order to have them ready for the 2013 competition.

Although the EXP 9 F was only just unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and is likely a few years away from production, both the Bentley and its platform-sharing Lamborghini Urus SUV are “crucial to their respective brand’s future fortunes and both are production certainties”.


Like the Race Touaregs, the Bentley versions would be bare-bone off-roaders although it is likely that they could have a body shell that more closely resembles the production model.