Michael Schumacher has declared himself satisfied with the explanation, and recent clarification of the rules regarding the safety car following his incident with Fernando Alonso at the end of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Schumacher overtook Alonso on the final corner at Monaco, in breach of rule 40.13 as he overtook the Spaniard while still technically under safety car conditions, despite the car pulling into the pits as it was the final lap.

The rules have been adjusted slightly to make this clearer after Schumacher told reporters he was told to race to the line.

“There is no point to get into past incidents,” said Schumacher in an interview with Sky Italia.

“But the point is that if I understand the situation correctly, the FIA has identified something that happened in Monaco and they want to improve the situation.

“That is something good for the sport and I am quite happy for this to happen.”


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