There are usually rules and dress codes for play golf, but some gold courses in Sweden, like Kalskog GK, allow players to play in the nude.

“Golf is perceived by many as a very conservative sport with strict dress codes.  This kind of outdated etiquette is what prevents people from trying golf. When the naturalist club in this area came to us with this proposal, we enthusiastically hit on it immediately,” said the General Manger of Kalskog GK, Sven Nödtorftig.

Most members of the club seem acceptable to the new idea, however, a minority is not so sure. They question the scuttlebutt that Kalskog might be exposed to. What others think doesn’t deter the Kalskog management. “There is always going to be those who resist change when it comes. We aren’t forcing everyone to play naked, and you will see the naked players playing at specific times, such as early morning or late afternoon. We certainly want to prevent severe sunburn injuries to areas of people’s bodies not used to such, hmmm, exposure,” said Nödtoftig.Source:

In Germany, golfers playing golf naked is called “Natürliche Golf” and is growing in parts of that country. 



Sweden seems to be falling suit and hoping that it will become a tourist attraction.