Yesterday, March 23, at the age of 93, died renowned trainer and promouter of bodybuilding, initiator of the “Mr. Olympia” Joe Weyder.

Weyder was a native of Montreal, the son of Jewish immigrants from Poland. Because of being a Jew in his childhood Joe suffered greatly. Since 1940, he published a magazine dedicated to bodybuilding “Your Physique”, which later changed the name to “Muscle Builder”, and then – “Muscle & Fitness”.  In 1946 Joe and his brother founded the International Federation of Bodybuilders. In 1965, Joe Weyder organized an international competition, “Mr. Olympia”.


Weyder was known for sponsoring talented bodybuilders and put a lot of effort and resources to the promotion of sport, wanting to make fitness and bodybuilding mass phenomenon.  It was Joe Weder hwho has brought to the U.S. Arndold Schwarzenegger and helped him get the role in “Hercules in New York.”

As Schwarzenegger said many times that Joe Weyder  was his mentor, friend and teacher, a man who has consistently supported his initiatives – from the organizational “advice for bodybuilding” in the mail and his decision to become governor of California.

In his Facebook post “Mr. Olympia” with sincere sorrow writes about the loss of his dear friend and mentor.