Michael Jordan has been in the news a lot lately. The old-dog is up to new tricks as he is going to get married for the second time of his life.  Jordan and Yvette Pietro were seen at the Palm Beach courthouse in Florida this week with a marriage license on their minds.

Reports have surfaced recently that Jordan was the father to an illegitimate child but, that has not deterred Pietro from wanting to marry a man she has been dating since 2008. This will be Pietro’s first marriage as the 34-year-old Cuban model will likely have Jordan attached to her name for years to come. The marriage is coming off of the heels of MJ’s proposal on Christmas Eve of 2011.

The former Chicago Bull is still as competitive as they come and it’s quite coincidental that Jordan (who is 50) is going to get married just a day after Miami Heat star LeBron James announced he will get married this Fall. I wouldn’t put it past MJ because of his incredibly competitive nature and desire to maintain the spotlight. A pretty interesting question moving forward is whose relationship will last longer–Lebron’s or Jordan’s?

The NBA’s best player of all time has some mileage on him as he was married to Juannita Vanoy for 17 years. 2006 brought a nasty divorce between those two and I’m sure Jordan will try to avoid such a dramatic mess with Pietro. While his Charlotte Bobcats continue to struggle Jordan is striking it big off of the court and I wish him nothing but the best as he restarts his life as a married man.