How about that guys, a 101-year-old Hindu Foggia Singh completed a “small 10-kilometer marathon” in Hong Kong in one hour 32 minutes and 28 seconds. He is officially honored as the oldest participant marathon event in the world. This title had already won as a marathon runner during a race in Toronto in 2011, but then it has not been confirmed officially. Foggia Singh told reporters that it was his last marathon, because running such a distance becomes difficult, due to old age, but…  he plans to continue to break records on shorted distances, all proceeds from which he gives to charity.

 “The secret to a long and healthy life is to avoid stress, stay away from bad people, smile and run” – he says. As a record-holder he participated in the ceremony of lighting the Olympic flame in London last year.  Foggia Singh no doubt will go down in history as the man who showed the world that is endurance and fortitude.