NBC began selling commercial space for the most watched sporting event of the year and they are selling like hot cakes.  If you are looking to spend $4.5 million for 30 seconds of advertising, you still have a chance.  Seth Winter, the network’s executive vice president, recently announced that there are still “a handful of units” left.

Winter also confirmed that he expects that all of the ad space will be sold out before kickoff on February 1st.

NBC managed to sell the ads at $4.5 million, which is a big increase over the $4 million that Fox got last year.  Winter believe that “this should be the biggest day in advertising” after the record ratings Fox received last year.

The message came relatively late compared to Fox’s announcement last year that they had sold 95% of the ad space by the September prior.  When asked if the higher price has effected how quickly ads are sold, Winter said “I don’t think price has been an issue”.  He added that “Everyone knows that is what the game is worth”.

While the prices are higher than usual, NBC will quickly point out that they have 15 first time sponsors that purchased ads for this year’s game.