British PE teacher, 28-year old Danny Brooks, has set a world record for hurling a football (soccer ball) to 163.32 feet. He uses a special flip technique with the ball in a forward hand spring which ends with him throwing the ball. The flipping technique is legal because both of Mr Brooks’ feet are on the ground at the time of the throw with his hands behind his head. Check the video for demonstration –

The former gymnast said: ‘I realised I could do a flip while holding the ball.

‘Just like a shot putter or discus thrower, I thought if I could get the angles and timing right, I could beat the record.’

‘When it was confirmed it suddenly hit home,’ he told The Sun. ‘I can’t believe I’m the best in the world at something.’

The previous world record was set by America’s Michael Lochner with a 158.04 feet  throw in 1998.Source:

How to hurl a football (soccer ball) a record 163.32 feet?
Danny Brooks‘s throw is now in Guinness book of Records for the longest hurl. Congratulations Danny!