Philadelphia doctors deliberately infected a girl with HIV to save her from leukemia. There was no other way the child to survive.  7-year-old Emily was sick with cancer for past two years.

Recently her health steadily deteriorated, and at some point the doctors suggested to the child’s parents to infect Emily with AIDS in an inactive form, which will kill the cancer cells. Guarantee that it will affect leukemia was minimal.

Parents have 48 hours to think. If they would refuse to apply the test method, then in a couple of days their daughter’s vital organs would start to fail. As a result, parents have agreed to the experiment.

This method is being tested for adult patients and the doctors did not give any guarantees for the success of the experiment in Emily case. 

On the evening of an injection parents were warned that the chance that their daughter will live till the morning – one in a thousand. Despite all the difficulties and the further treatments, three weeks later and the child recovered. Now she has even grown hair and doing well.

Next year, the doctors plan to apply the method developed by them in the further, good luck to them!