I hold a deep respect for people with willpower, especially those that use that willpower to better themselves. Here is a quick photo journal of Tatiana Rybakova as she struggled to lose 112 pounds over the span of 2 years. While the ordeal must have been extremely difficult, the result is absolutely incredible. Tatiana has blossomed into an incredibly beautiful 18 year old who is, I’m sure, the center of attention now. 

When Tatiana was 14 year old, she weighed in at a whopping 105kg (230 pounds). She doesn’t hide the fact that this weight made her unhappy, so she started attempting a vast array of various diet programs to trim as much weight as possible. After years of trying different diets, Tatiana’s health began to suffer and she showed little change in weight. Finally, Tatiana found a diet that worked and coupled with intense exercise, such as swimming heavily, Tatiana finally started shedding the weight.

Tatiana’s diet consisted of controlling the types of food she ate using a glycemic index. She picked out various foods that were high in protein, high in nutrients but ones that didn’t lead to obesity. She began exercising heavily and hasn’t looked back since. 

Tatiana is now 19 years old, weighing only 51 kg (112 pounds) and looking incredible. Great job, Tatiana … may you be an inspiration to all overweight girls who want to lose the fat.

Below is a series of photos showing the gradual progression of Tatiana throughout the years. There can be no argument, the girl looks great!







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