Ove Sohlberg, a 65-year old man from Lycksele (northern Sweden) who had been complaining from stomach pains for 25 years, was found to have a six centimetre long wooden “stick” with sharp edges lodged in his bowels.

“I have been admitted to hospital more than a hundred times over the years for the pain,” said Ove Sohlberg to local paper Västerbottenskuriren

Sohlberg thinks that the object was left in his body after a surgical procedure 25 years ago, when he was treated for stomach ulcers.

He had to go through six operations before he was pronounced well again, but symptoms kept returning and he suffered from recurring constipation and soreness.

“I felt like there was something in there and I was in constant pain,” Sohlberg told the paper.Source: www.thelocal.se

Sounds like a really painful ordeal for the sexagenarian.