Not only are pregnant women sometimes feel an irresistible urge to eat something sweetly, harmful salt or eat a mountain of lettuce. Every second citizen of the planet, experts say, is experiencing the strongest regular bouts of brutal appetite, writes Bild .

“Sometimes a chocolate bar or a piece of cake we are” stuck “stress. But often our desire for something to eat immediately lies the lack of a specific substance in our body,” – says the publication. “Our body sends us signals are unambiguous, which showed its true needs,” – said the expert nutritionist Werner Winkler, noting that the overwhelming desire to eat something in particular – it’s not the whims of our body, and the index of the lack of a specific vitamin or mineral.

“Unfortunately, only a few at odds with his body, and can distinguish between the ordinary sense of hunger from the compulsive desire to consume something specific and not always useful. In this case, these conditions become a problem” – the author believes the book devoted to this phenomenon, Marion Grillparzer . According to her, not necessarily every time to consume fast food or eat a chocolate bar, when it seems that it is compulsory.The publication cites a number of tips to follow to offer your body a healthier alternative.

“Lack of iron in the body often leads to the fact that a man looks on indifferently juicy steaks and hamburgers.”Experts offer as a substitute for animal products to eat legumes and iron-rich oatmeal and spinach.

Craving for all kinds of chewing mints and marmalade are more likely to indicate a shortage of sugar, especially selenium. The latter protects cells from free radicals and is involved in hormonal processes occurring in the thyroid gland. Nutritionists advise to seek in this case to the dried fruit – among other things, they are the real fount of potassium.

In the desire to snack chips and salted crackers lurking lack of sodium, experts say. Overcome the overwhelming desire to eat a pack of chips or salty water will help a handful of olives.

“Those whose diet is complete without chocolate, appear to suffer from a lack of zinc. (…) This element is known to participate in various metabolic processes and strengthens the body’s defenses. Nuts and seeds – especially cashews and sunflower seeds – contain a lot of zinc. (…) But absolute champions for the content of this element are the oysters.