Age does a lot to a woman’s breasts, especially as gravity takes over. All over the world women use creams, lotions and even get plastic surgery to maintain their shape. British TV presenter Mariella Frostrup, 48,  has her own secret which is a lot more easier – something that your grandma might have told you – wear a bra to bed.



Revealing her secret, the mother-of-two said: ‘The best piece of advice I got was from Paula Yates.

Leading plastic surgeon Douglas McGeorge said it ‘would minimise the stretching and effects of gravity’ but admitted many women would find it uncomfortable and a ‘terrible idea’.

Surgeon Professor Kefah Mokbel reassured wearers the practice would not raise the risk of breast cancer.

‘I was moaning about my breasts and she said, “Never, ever have a breast job. Just wear a bra in bed”. That’s what I do. I haven’t taken it off for 15 years. So here I am Paula, wearing  a bra in bed!’Source:


Interestingly Marilyn Monroe is reported to use the same technique.

With a lot of discomfort and possibility of breast cancer, I will pass!