Before you go for a run or head to the gym, make sure you’ve had a bite to eat. Professional trainers know that a successful work out session begins and ends with a high quality and nutritious snack.

Let’s look at why this is


When you train, either with an aerobic activity or an anaerobic one such as using weights, you’re calling on the reserves of your body to push yourself that little bit further each time. If you go to the gym or attempt exercise on an empty stomach you may feel listless and lacking in stamina. On the flip side of this, if you eat a large or heavy meal, then your body sends the energy to the stomach and gut region to aid in digestion of this food. This is not ideal as you need the bodies energy going to your main muscle groups to support you in the activity you plan to do.

So what’s the answer?

Dried fruits, nuts, and nutritious cereal bars made with high quality ingredients (like the ones offered at this website) are part of a proper and nutricious snack for before and after the training. Eating dried fruits before training, will give you the energy you need to get through a workout without slowing you down. The naturally occurring fructose will provide that extra boost of energy just when you need it. Unlike sugar, fructose hits your bloodstream slowly and doesn’t result in the sharp peaks and falls associated with sugar laden snacks. Having this slow release of energy means you can train longer and more efficiently, as you are fuelling your body with natural goodness.

Many of the healthy sport snacks include dried fruits and nuts for the reason, they put back electrolytes and naturally occurring salts which you lose during strenuous exercise.


After exercise it’s important to replace the minerals lost during your workout. Always drink a sufficient quantity of water during and after training, to ensure your body stays hydrated. This isn’t enough though. It’s necessary to eat a small restorative snack soon after exercise. The reason for this is the blood has been pumped to the muscles to assist you in your desired activity. They will need feeding otherwise they will begin to steal the glycogen, which is used for quick energy, from your organs. This could do more harm to your body than good so it is necessary to compensate with a small nutritious snack such as nuts, or dried fruit.