What men want in woman

Many women often ask themselves a question how to become a perfect for their man? How to make their man never look at another woman? And finally, what is the way make a man care much? The right answer is actually the key to a happy and strong relationship. But, unfortunately, the only knowledge of this answer doesn’t give any advantages because in fact, in addition weak half of a mankind has to make a lot of efforts to apply this knowledge. It’s a hard work to do. And before realizing what to do, it’s necessary to understand what actually men want in their lady, what kind of a person they want a perfect woman to be like and what every woman should know and accept.

Let him be a winner

Strong half of a mankind hates when women manage something better than them. Actually, men have weak ego and they are quite vulnerable that’s why woman should be flexible and subtle. It is not necessary to prove a man that he is not right. He always wants to be right. And if a woman let ho be or at least think that he is, she will definitely get more. And also to show him how strong, clever and brave he is. Of course, not only women like compliments, men also do. They need praise and support the same as women do. If a woman needs to be loved, a man needs to needed. Approvals give men wings and induce them to make feats dedicated to their woman. So everyone wins in this case.

Men’s friendship is saint

Man’s close friends appeared a way earlier than his woman. These are people who were supporting him in difficulties situations when the couple didn’t even exist. He might have shared with them what he couldn’t tell his woman. It signifies that if a woman likes his friends or not, she anyway will have to accept it.

Do not worry if he looked at another woman

If a man just noticed something attractive in another woman, his sweetheart should ignore it. Because it’s just a simple reflex made up by nature and you won’t do anything about it anyway.

Stop trying to change him

It’s a one of the most serious mistakes women do in a relationship. He is stubborn and confident. From this follows that he is perfect for himself and nobody can change him. Even if he does something wrong he will resist only because he is a man and he doesn’t resign. Frankly, a woman doesn’t even realize she actually doesn’t want him to change his own character. In fact, she wants him to be rigid and a woman subconsciously tests him. Because she fell in love with him because of something anyway. But it depends on him, he’ll pass the test or will stop being so confident as he used to be.

A little trick for women:

If you really want to change something in him, just tell him compliments as like he already is like you want, and your man will do everything to prove your words.

Always be on his side

If a man got himself into some debates a woman having supported his opponent has to be ready that he will never forgive it. So dear women, even if you disagree with you man stand on his side, prove in public that he is right and nobody else. But if the topic is so important for you you can tell him what you really think individually when you are only two. He will remember your support and will appreciate your deed.

Let him care about you 

Men admire independent and confident women. And the more confident she is the more he wants to let her be weak and fragile because men like to make deserving goals. Even if you can do something by yourself you better let him help if he wants to help or even insist. Just let him know that you need him and you won’t be able to deal with it without him even if it’s not true. Little lies have never damaged. So just persuade your partner that he is the most needed man in the world and he will conquer it for you.

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