Botox or Laser Treatment – What Will Work Best?

Nowadays, more and more people are turning towards laser wrinkle removal systems, with dermabrasion and chemical peels becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to clinics offering laser wrinkle removal in Newport Beach, Orange County, for instance, people are able to have their wrinkles removed with great precision, without having to go under the knife. Plus, these treatments offer long lasting results.

Laser resurfacing is a particularly popular technique and is often able to reach places that Botox can’t. This is because it can, for instance, remove fine lines around the mouth and it can address wrinkles caused by sun damage. Furthermore, it can address age and liver spots and it can give you a more even skin tone. It is a very effective method to address all the signs of aging, therefore.

When you go through laser wrinkle removal, the skin’s collagen fibers are tightened. This is done by heating them up to just the right temperature at just the right depth. In so doing, the cells are encouraged to produce new collagen, tightening up the skin.

Unfortunately, it is not suitable for excessive sagging or very deep wrinkles. Additionally, to get the best results, you will need a number of treatments. And, as with all cosmetic procedures, the results are not 100% permanent. After all, you will continue to age.

Two Types of Laser

Both ablative (wounding the skin) and non-ablative treatments exist. Non-ablative are the preferred method because it carries almost no risks and has a very short recovery time. However, ablative lasers are much stronger and won’t require as many treatments in order to see results.

Depending on the condition of the skin, therefore, ablative treatment may be recommended to you. Here, a more intense laser is directed at the skin that is wrinkled, and it will destroy the epidermis (the outer skin layer), while heating up the dermis (the underlying layer), thereby stimulating new collagen growth. The epidermis will heal, leaving smoother, tighter skin in its place.

A physical examination will be conducted by your therapist in order to determine which type of treatment is most suitable to you. They will usually also carry out a number of blood test and otherwise determine whether you are in good physical health. Through examinations, they will determine the changes that you want to make, and that you can actually make. Sometimes, they may recommend that you only need Botox, which is even quicker and now also more affordable.

It is important that you are completely honest with your doctor at every part of the consultation. You must also follow their instructions to the letter. Depending on the treatment you opt for, you may, for example, have to stay out of the sun or not wear makeup for a period of time both before and after your treatment. Make sure you follow these instructions properly in order to get the best possible results, which essentially means a younger, more youthful and healthy appearance.