Scientists from the University of Alabama at Birmingham debunked the myth that sex can supposedly replace sport in  quest of loosing weight.   The work carried out by a team of health researchers headed by David Ellison, indicate that during sexual intercourse, that lasts an average of no more than 6 minutes, the body of men burns only 21 calories – and not 300, as stated earlier.

About the same number of calories can be destroyed with the help of six-minute walk, writes, foreign media, referring to an article published in the latest issue of the scientific journal New England Journal of Medicine.

Allison emphasizes that this is a misconception largely contributed to the so-called “obesity crisis” that plagues most people today in the West.

Press reports that the information obtained by scientists in a larger project designed to confirm or refute the widespread myths in modern society.

As well, it is an illusion that breakfast is supposedly good for the human body, and that physical education classes have a great impact on the physical fitness of schoolchildren.

In addition, there are no serious studies that show that frequent “snacking” leads to weight gain or sudden weight loss that affects the body.  A  lot of these believes is almost always are just somebody’s opinion or “old fashion” believes.  As of me, I think that a good sex will burn a bit more then… 21 calories! 🙂