Ученые из Университета Калифорнии провели исследование, касающееся влияния массы скелетных мышц на восприимчивость к инсулину

There is good news for people suffering from diabetes.  Scientists from the University of California conducted a study on the impact of skeletal muscle mass on insulin sensitivity. The experiment proved that the more muscle mass a person has, the lower the risk of diabetes, says Likar.info. study, 

To get that result, researchers examined data on 13,644 men over 20 years old. They took into account such factors as: the weight of skeletal muscle, insulin sensitivity, and abnormal metabolism of blood sugar. The analysis showed that the more muscle mass relative to the total weight, the higher the sensitivity to insulin. 

Based on these findings, recommendations for the prevention of diabetes type 2 should be revised, according to the authors. To reduce the risk of this disease, is not enough to lose weight – it is important to focus on building muscle.