Do you guys like to get a stake or a hamburger, or something like that, once in a while?  Here are results of research conducted by the staff at University Hospital Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, suggests that high-fat and high-calorie food not only increases the risk of heart disease, but also dramatically affects the quality of sperm in men and reduces their chances have children.

Danish researchers found that young men who do not limit themselves to the consumption of fat and carbohydrates, the concentration of sperm is 41% lower than those who adhered to a low-calorie diet, writes:

Dr. Tina Jensen, head of the research team, admits the mechanism of interaction is not yet known, but the link of lifestyle and nutrition and semen quality is evident, and this issue requires further study.

Press says that Danish scientists – not the first researchers who discovered this phenomenon. In 2011, biologists from Brazil drew attention to the fact that increasing the number of grains and fruits in the diet of men improves sperm quality and increases sperm motility.

And last year, French scientists reported that the number of sperm per milliliter of semen of the average 35-year resident of the country fell from 74 million in 1989 to 50 million in 2005. According to researchers, the main reason for this deterioration is obesity, which affects an increasing number of Westerners.