I think I found my next ex-wife, and her name is Anastasia Ashley. This 25 year old professional surfer is a dream babe. Not only does she have the most amazing ass, she has an incredible body, an incredible face, and did I mention she’s a professional surfer? Yeah, the perfect woman from every angle.

Here’s a quick bio of Anastatia, courtesy of Ask Men:

Anastasia Ashley was born on February 10, 1987, in Los Angeles, California. After moving to Hawaii at the age of 5, Ashley was quickly introduced to what was to become her life’s calling: surfing. Despite being one of — it not the only — girl riding waves at the time, Ashley consistently proved that when it came to surfing, talent did not have a gender. A fact quickly reinforced by Anastasia becoming one of the most visible faces in the sport, as well as one of its most coveted athletes, landing sponsorships with Oakley, Infinity Surfboards, and PowerBar, and becoming one of PETA’s most prominent spokespeople.Source: www.askmen.com


I can’t get over how good looking this girl is and how I have been missing this treat for so long. I mean, come on … even her warm up routine is sexy. 

Yeah, I’m in love. I found her instagram page and can’t stop oggling the photos … WOW! Her facebook page is also loaded in photos (many the same, but many different), and here’s another website loaded in photos. Her official website is still under construction, but she has a nice YouTube channel loaded in great videos. 

Anyway, I am going to pick a bunch of sexy pics of Anastasia and feature them here. Consider this my memorial to this sexy Goddess. If you would like to add to them, please, by all means … 

#bts on set today with @thecobrasnake for @stabmagzine shoot

Worst behavior pic by @335mm

Boat life

Laguna was beautiful today