Edward Maya (born as Eduard Marian Ilie on June 29 1986) is a musician, producer, performer, composer and DJ from Bucharest, Romania. He graduated from George Enescu Music High School in Bucharest and is currently a final year student at the Bucharest Conservatory. He released the song “Stereo Love” in Summer of 2009 and since then the song has become an international hit and is rising charts in US.

In the summer of 2009, Maya launched his first song as an artist, “Stereo Love”, reaching number 2 in the Romanian singles charts. Later that year, “Stereo Love”, became a hit in clubs all over the world. This success was followed by concerts worldwide, with the song reaching the pop charts in the Netherlands,United Kingdom and Belgium.

“Stereo Love” received over 87 million YouTube views in less than 12 months. “Stereo Love” is the longest song in the history of European top Hot 100, accumulating 52 weeks.

In 2010, Maya released his follow-up single, “This Is My Life,” as well as his first album, called Stereo Love. To help maintain control of his career and provide opportunities for other artists, Maya has formed his own record label, Mayavin Records. (from here)

You seem to be a musical prodigy – what age did you start performing/composing?
Edward Maya: Since I had 5 years old, my grandfather is a musician, music runs in family.

Please tell us about your background. How is a life for a musician/music artist in Romania?
EM: Romania is a small country, but full with good music and great talents. I graduated the Music College not at Music Conservatory, you need to have a lot of talent, ambition and patience.

Define music (for you)
EM: Music is the direct way to get through someone’s soul.

Who/What are your musical influences?
EM: The traditional instruments from different countries and traditions.

What instruments do you play?
EM: Accordion, Piano, guitar, flute and now I am learning to play at the bagpipe too.

What are your favorite artists/bands?
EM: Depends on the gender I guess..I like great artists like Celine Dion, Queen, the gold voices.

Which American artist would you love to collaborate with?

EM: There are so many…I like Akon, Alicia Keys, Anastacia

Please tell us more about “Stereo Love”. What was your inspiration? When and how did you come up with the song?
EM: This song was made together with a great Azerbaijan composed named Eldar Mansurov, all the songs were the same..I wanted to bring something new on the market

Where is the video for “Stereo Love” shot? Any interesting stories about the shoot?
EM: The video was filmed in Mykonos, Greece. We had some accidents, Vika Jigulina cut her leg in a stone during the filming on the beach.

With the international hits “Stereo Love” and “This is Life”, which other songs should we look forward to?
EM: I will release on Christmas night the new song with the new video named ”Desert rain” worldwide.

Any plans to do a music tour in US? If yes, when and where?
EM: The tour in December was canceled because the petition made by the organizer was wrong. Now we scheduled with everything in order in February the tour, we will post soon the new dates on my official website.


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