Lake Bell, 32-year old American actress who stars in HBO’s “How to make it in America”, showed another talent for hers for Esquire – her amazing body. She stripped down to her underwear to show her sexy figure of latest edition of Esquire. Check the pictures –

Broad strokes: My mom poked, gave birth to me, I grew up, I was two-years-old and I was like, “I’m definitely going to be an actor.” And they said, “Sure you are.” And I said, “Well don’t name me Lake Bell if you’re not going to support the dream.” Hold on. [To her dog] Margaret, I’m in the middle of telling my life story, honey. Play outside. Here’s a ball.

Yeah. I’m Vegan. I’m Vegan on home base, but when I travel to other countries, I throw it all into the garbage. I love to travel, and for me part of what’s so cool about visiting other countries is to experience the culture. And a huge part of every culture is the food. And I feel like that would be deprivation. Like if you went to Morocco and you didn’t have a fucking lamb tagine. “I’m sorry, could I have an avocado salad?”



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She is HOT!