Charmian Chen, 24-year old student from Taiwan, was visiting Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud in Bali when two monkeys pulled her top down, creating a very embarrassing series of photos. Check the pictures – 

She said: ‘I was on holiday and at first the pictures were just funny, but when I got back to Taiwan I had all these people trying to add me as friends on Facebook.

‘I thought “that’s a bit strange”, and then one of them said they’d seen the pictures and I was really surprised, the next thing I knew I had TV stations ringing me.

‘I was on vacation then in Bali so I didn’t mind it, but back in Taiwan I was still studying so I didn’t want to become famous just for my boobs.

‘But actually it has been fun, people do come up to me and say “you’re the monkey girl” and it does make me laugh.’


Apart from a student, she is also a model. Check out her pictures –

Monkeys, thou know thy job well! Well done!