Arlene Mossa Corona, a student at at UCSD, took to the streets in a bikini on Wednesday to find her lost Chihuahua – Chispeta. She claims that she won’t clothe herself or eat until the dog comes home. She took the desperate measure after she tried calling pounds and even used a pet psychic.


“Against my family’s wishes, I will be skipping my family Thanksgiving celebration this year and standing out there alone in an effort to be reunited with my dog,” she said. “Thanksgiving won’t be the same without Chispita.” Cars honked and men whistled and shouted cat-calls at the woman as she held up her sign, wearing red pumps, a white bikini top and blue bikini bottom – the nation’s colors, she said, to represent military personnel coming home. She hopes the same will be true of her dog.


On first glance, it looks like a stupid idea. But as she received national media coverage for the incident, it sure looks like a great Idea. We can sure use a lot more women in bikinis on the streets, looking for their lost dogs.