Brazilian bombshell Flavia Lucini is incredibly sexy in Verdissima‘s High Seduction photoshoot. Flavia Lucini is, of course, topless through most of the shots, but unfortunately her assets are strategically covered throughout (although, these photos leave little to the imagination). Brazil is becoming more and more of a fantasy of mine with one model more beautiful than the next coming from that country. Flavia Lucini is Italian by ethnicity, but Brazilian by nationality. My guess is there is something in the water, either that or women feel a desire to be more beautiful than their neighbor, hence this never ending striving towards being the most beautiful. 

Flavia Lucini models Lingerie in a way that every man wishes their wives would. Verdissima’s High Seduction collection is amazing in itself, but seeing Flavia Lucini wearing the lingerie brings a smile to my face.

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