Unlike the USA, Germany encourages its citizens to expand their minds. The University of Saxony took it one step further, a bunch of students decided to get behind the lens turning knowledge into a sexy affair. 


The calendar is the brainchild of photographer Toni Kretschmer, who is already taking applications for the 2013 edition. “It’s always hard to convince the men,” he told the Sächsische Zeitung newspaper. “The only conditions are that they have to be studying at a university in Saxony – and that they’re good-looking.” Source: www.thelocal.de


There is no lack of beauty at the University of Saxony, it seems. The women are incredibly hot. I wish more universities would follow suit. Technically, the USA also has something similar, but I think its called Girls Gone Wild. 

Here are the images stolen from TheLocal

There is also a Men’s Calendar, but I have little interest in showing it, but if you would like, feel free to check out the slideshow at TheLocal.