For fans of Indian actress Freida Pinto – yes, there is a scene where she is nude in the upcoming 3D action movie “Immortals” but one problem, the director used a body double for her butt. Check Freida talking about her sex and nude scene in Immortals – 

FREIDA PINTO: Hmmm. You are going to be very disappointed when I tell you this, but that was a body double.

Q. That wasn’t you at all?

A. The close-ups of the face were me, of course, but the whole stripping down scene was a body double.

Q. I am shocked.

A. I wasn’t even asked to do the scene. The director said there would be a body double and that was it. He pretty much knew what he wanted, and he felt like he didn’t need me for the scene.

Q. Were you insulted that he didn’t ask?

A. People seem to have no issue saying they had stunt doubles for particular scenes. They even brag about having stunt doubles, and he (the director) said there shouldn’t be an issue over it. His feeling was that there was no actual acting in that part of the scene, so why should I be there?

Q. Well, I can assure you that your body double got a great reaction at last night’s screening.

A. (laughing) I’m sure she will be really happy to hear that.

Q. Nude scene aside, where does “Immortals” fit into your career plan?

A. I think it’s a new step for me. I’ve discovered a new genre that I wouldn’t ordinarily be involved in if I hadn’t made a conscious effort. It was my first big-budget film because I did this before “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.”


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