38-Year old former Fox Sports host of “The Best Damn Sports Show Period” has bared it all for Playboy’s November issue.


If you’re a professional poker player, you know not to chase an inside straight and are careful not to get bluffed out of a pot on the flop. But some dangers will blindside you-like appearing on NBC’s Poker After Dark and finding yourself completely distracted by the vision of your hostess, Leeann Tweeden.

“A lot of the poker players are math whizzes, MIT grads with multiple doctorates,” Leeann reports. “They’re brilliant, and they’re cool people, but a lot of them are not socialized. They spend their time online.” So when she interviews the players, she says, the reaction is often hormone-induced paralysis: “Ooohhh, pretty girl.” Source: www.playboy.com


Ths issue hits stands on November 11.

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