Moscow Intourists 7

Thousands of tourists from the West visited Russia in 1960 and all had a camera with them. But only a couple of similar photos can be found on the Internet today.

Leningrad 1

A group of foreign tourists inside the bus at the border between the USSR and Finland.

Leningrad 2

First stop between Vyborg and Leningrad.

Leningrad 3


Leningrad 4

The tourists are going to a hotel.

Leningrad 5

Having a meal at the hotel.

Leningrad 6

And now it’s time for an excursion around the city.

Leningrad 7

Communication with Russian citizens.

Leningrad 8

Looking for a gift for local kids.

Leningrad 9

Monument to Ekaterina the Great.

Leningrad 10

A motor-ship ‘Moskvitch’

Leningrad 11

Native citizens of Petersburg recognize the square at once.

Leningrad 12

The same square.

Leningrad 13

Leningrad 14

How do you like the public call box?

Leningrad 15

That was the view enjoyed by tourists who traveled by bus.

Leningrad 16

The places can be recognized only by those who had lived here for a long time.

Leningrad 17

Leningrad 18

Remote districts of Leningrad.

Moscow Intourists 1

Tourists of Soviet Moscow were usually taken to see the Kremlin and the State Department Store.However, there were some exceptions to the rule. The pictures below were made by David S. Cook who came to Moscow in 1969 to attend the meeting of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Moscow Intourists 2

The people had lunch at the restaurant of the hotel ‘Russia’ that doesn’t exist any longer.

Moscow Intourists 3

It is not that easy to take such a photo today.

Moscow Intourists 4

Moscow Intourists 5

It is becoming common to wait on line.

Moscow Intourists 6

Moscow Intourists 7

Parking lot.

Moscow Intourists 8

Moscow subway in 1969.

Moscow Intourists 9

That is what the Big Theater used to look like.

Petersburg Photos 1

The photos below were taken by a tourist who visited Leningrad in 1963. Next to Oktyabrskaya hotel.

Petersburg Photos 2

On the Nevsky prospect.

Petersburg Photos 3

Flower sellers.

Petersburg Photos 4

Petersburg Photos 5

The Kazan Cathedral.

Petersburg Photos 6

The Church of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ before its restoration.

Petersburg Photos 7

Petersburg Photos 8

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral.

Petersburg Photos 9

Symbols of the city.

Petersburg Photos 10

Does the pebble pavement exist today?

Petersburg Photos 11

The blue mosque.

Petersburg Photos 12

New residential area.

Petersburg Photos 13

Registration of marriage at a local Vital Records Office.

Petersburg Photos 14

The big cascade of Peterhof.

Petersburg Photos 15

Petersburg Photos 16

People are walking in the park.

Petersburg Photos 17

Petersburg Photos 18

A park in Zelenogorsk.

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