I bet that in the future everyone will know the name of this Russian guy. Although today he is known only to a limited number of his fans in vKontakte. Let me introduce to you Alexey Parshukov, a young man from Omsk, Russia. When it comes to electricity, Alexey has a quality to him like Nikola Tesla. Um, did I mention he was from Omsk? Well, that’s about all that is known about him. Google isn’t too useful, and only vKontakte has any info on him, which has virtually no detail.


However, his work is pretty popular. You can find several articles about his photos online. Most are riddled with doubt as to their authenticity, claiming that Photoshop can do anything these days, but going through his images on vKontakt, I can see that at least some of these photos, if not all of them, are in fact authentic.

He has a gallery of 644 images on his vKontakte page, so showing them all is out of the question. Istead, I will pick some of my favorites and some that show he is not a fraud. If you want to check out his work further, just visit the links above.

Lets start with the cooler photos … 

Now, lets take a look at some of the photos that, I feel, prove that he’s not a fraud. These are photos of some of the setups he has in his gallery. Judging by the comments on the photos, they are all his or friends of his that all seem to work together to develop these cool effects.