Mark Zuckerberg is the epitome of paradoxes. For a man that touts the open Social Network, the fact that people need to be more open with themselves and that privacy is really a thing of the past, this man surely loves his privacy. He avoids the media like the plague, and is extremely elusive with respect to what the public knows about him.

While trying to research some Zuckerberg facts, I honestly had one hell of a time putting together a list of 20. For the most part, everyone is repeating the same facts over and over. The first ten, in the form of an info-graphic, has been spread across endless different web sites as the Top 10, primarily because thats about all that is known. 

I have added to this list, though, so I will start with the first 10 as an info-graphic, but then below you will see 11 through 20.

So, with that said, lets move onto 11 through 20.

11 – Mark is Red/Green Color Blind. The only color he sees well is blue, hence Facebook is primarily blue.
12 – Mark has some of the weirdest interests. I am not saying they are bad in any way, but strange when given some thoughts. On his Facebook profile he lists: Eliminating Desire, Minimalism, Making Things, Breaking Things, Information flow, Revolutions, Openness. If thats not weird, I don’t know what is.
13 – At Harvard University, which he attended for two years before dropping out to pursue Facebook, Zuckerberg “was known for reciting lines from epic poems such as “The Iliad,'” according to Jessica Vascellaro from The Wall Street Journal.
14 – Mark built a video game based on the concept of Risk but with a more classic appeal to it. “The first significant program Zuckerberg ever designed was a game based on the living room classic Risk,” Michael Grynbaum, then of the Harvard Crimson, wrote in 2004. “It was centered around the ancient Roman Empire,” Zuckerberg told the college paper at the time. “You played against Julius Caesar. He was good, and I was never able to win.” [source]
15 – Mark is known as Zuck to all his friends, but his mom’s nickname for him is … are you ready? … princely. I bet that did wonders to his ego.
16 – Mark doesn’t seem to care for money … at all. He was offered $1 Billion forFacebook by Yahoo almost 2 years back, and he turned them down. Who in their right mind would turn down $1 Billion? Only someone who doesn’t hold money in high regards. He was quoted in a Harvard newspaper saying, “That’s just like not something we’re really interested in, I mean, yeah, we can make a bunch of money — that’s not the goal.”
17 – Mark attended the same Geek Camp is Sergey Brin and … Lady Gaga? Wait, Lady Gaga is a geek? Guess I should have seen that one coming.
18 – Mark is the sole son in his family, however he does have 3 sisters … all on Facebook, of course.
19 – Mark was once held up at gunpoint at a gas station.
20 – Mark has been in a long-term relationship with Priscilla Chan, who is taking a medical degree and hopes to be a pediatrician, since meeting her at a Friday night party at the Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi where he was carrying beer glasses which said #include beer.h
BONUS – While in high school, Mark developed a software application that would recommend music based on what you liked. He was later approached by Microsoft, offering to buy said program, but he declined … further point #16

So, now that you know a little about Mark, why not head over to the theaters and see what the movie says about him. I am sure that there is an element of truth in there somewhere, but just like Hollywood always does, it is probably complete crap when it comes to reality.