What can be more tragic than to see the girls of FEMEN practising self immolation. Luckily, this was only a mock display, but none the less it brought a shiver to my spine. I can’t imagine what would happen to Ukraine if FEMEN were no longer.

None the less, the ladies have put on quite a show in front of the new football stadium being built for UEFA 2012. Before countless guards and various higher Ukrainian football officials, FEMEN quickly sprang into action putting on a quick mock self immolation show, followed by the burning of various Ukrainian trinkets. It looks like this protest may have lasted a minute or two. 

The idea behind this protest is very simple. UEFA isn’t doing anything in order to quell the notion that Ukraine is prostitution hotbed, and this in a sense is not simply demoralizing Ukraine but also burning its core values. More so, there are those within the ranks of UEFA that are encouraging the concept that Ukraine is in fact a brothel, hence it is further burning Ukraine. 

FEMEN’s original platform, and more to the point core platform, is Ukraine is not a Brothel. FEMEN are doing everything in their power to bring to light the fact that Ukraine is a place of values. While people are repeatedly pointing out how illogical it is to protest prostitution while acting, by western standards, as a prostitute, it is vitally important to understand that in Eastern European society, and many parts of Western European as well, most people don’t pay much mind to topless women. The west, however, find this so offensive that they can’t help but gawk … hence, by being topless FEMEN are accruing a mass amount of media publicity. 

Four FEMEN activists were arrested during the protests. I can only identify one of them, Inna Shevchenko. Her sister Alexandra seems to be missing from this event, or at least she wasn’t protesting topless. The following pictures were taken from FEMEN’s livejournal site.