55-year old Janice Dickinson showed off her hot body after doing a photo shoot with nothing but a pair of heels.

She is one of celebs who is not embarrassed to show her love for plastic surgery and botox. She started plastic surgery at 32.


She told Closer magazine – 

‘I love my body, but it’s a compulsive obsession.”

“There’s no such thing as too much. Whatever it takes to make an individual feel better, I’m all for it… In my 40s I signed up for Botox and now I have it every six months. My advisers say I should get rid of the neck. You can have an incision in the back of the neck that will tighten it up. Am I considering it? Always. I’m going to be the best looking corpse on the planet!”

More pictures –

For 55 she seems to have a great body, but what is wrong with face?