With Selena Gomez’s debut solo album Stars Dance less than a month away, the debut single from the album is rising in the charts. You can watch the Come & Get It video below, and her promo photos are below that. At the very bottom I have also included her song Slow Down, the other single so far released from her upcoming Stars Dance album. 

Selena is an incredibly beautiful girl who manages to put out one sexy photoshoot after another. The fact that she dumped her girlfriend Bieber makes my impression of her rise dramatically as well. Maybe she will find herself a new, cuter girlfriend, and release a sex video? Oh, I can only dream.

Enough dreaming … take a look at her Come & Get It video, then check out the promo shots. And, if you aren’t in love yet, listen to her Slow Down single and you’ll quickly understand why she is so adored by her fans.



Selena Gomez (1)

Selena Gomez (2)

Selena Gomez (3)

Selena Gomez (4)