Up until a few minutes ago I had never heard of Sean and Seng. After talking to my good friend Google it turns out I have been missing quite a bit. The team’s website is loaded in sexy images (in their editorial section, strangely) with many faces unknown to me and several I can quite easily identify. I can’t quite place their relationship to the online magazine 032c, but whatever it is they definitely seem close.

The fact that Sean and Seng managed to turn Cate Blanchette into a 20 year old hottie in their latest shoot is enough for me. I have always admired the 44 year old actress, but this shoot has turned her into the young sex goddess that she once was. I am not sure what this shoot is for, whether its fashion or some promo (the arrows makes me think of the next Hobbit installation), but I don’t really care either. And, thos shots where she’s tied up just make me … well … Anywya, Cate is a sexy beast in these photos and I am all over it. The shoot is for 032c’s No.24 Summer 2013 issue, in case you’re curious.