In my aging eyes, there is no doubt that Pippa Middleton is the sexier of the Middleton sisters. Sure, Kate may have a bit more petty cash allowing her to dress a bit better at times, but given the choice I would give Pippa a night she would never forget … probably not in a good sense, though.

Pippa has been seen a Wimbledon many times, and now she has written a piece about her fun times for Vanity Fair. While I’m sure the article is incredibly well written with plenty to take away from it, I am only concerned with one thing … that beautiful body of hers. Pippa’s cute ass can be seen clear as day in one of the shots, and that is more than enough for me. 

Here are the few sexy photos Vanity Fair did of Pippa, which may not be high in quantity, but the quality is top notch.