Do you remember those sexy carwheel candids of Miranda’s a few months back? Well, turns out those were candid shots from a Kora Organics photoshoot, and they just released a few of her sexy photos in their latest campaign. Kora Organics is a company that not only uses Miranda’s beautiful likeness, but seems to have a hefty stake by Miranda considering their slogan is “Organics by Miranda Kerr” and their story claims that Miranda’s hand was used in its creation. Seems being a beautiful top model opens a few doors for you. Either way, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Miranda for Kora over the years.


… as a side note, I wonder how much celebrity insight is used when branding a product “XXX by YYY”. Do you think they actually participate in the product, outside of choosing a product between a few samples? I figured the celebs just picked the one that smelled best, or something, but it’s possible that they do in fact play a larger role. Anyone have any insight?



Miranda Kerr (1)

Miranda Kerr (2)

Miranda Kerr (3)

Miranda Kerr (4)