Up until now, I had never heard of Elle Liberachi. However, after seeing her Lingerie spread for Baci’s 2011 line, I think I found my new favorite. This woman is amazing looking. I counldn’t find much on this girl, but here is what Maxim has to say:


The Heidi Klums and Adriana Limas and baby-claiming Gisele Bündchens of the world have dominated catwalks, advertis­ing, and our eyeballs for the past 10 years. We say it’s someone else’s turn. Enter Elle Liberachi. The 23-year-old British lingerie model and Guess runway girl embodies everything we love about the great fashion legends who came before her: insanely stunning looks, soulful eyes, and the kindness to happily chat with the schlubs at Maxim. Elle, we know we just met, but will you marry us? Source: www.maxim.com


I will be honest … I agree fully. This woman has everything, and in these photos she is wearing almost nothing which makes it all the more interesting. Hot Celebs Home has an Amazing collection of photos from the 2011 Baci Lingerie line. I don’t feel like showing them all, so I have picked my favorite Elle Liberachi Lingerie Photos, I hope you approve: